From: Secure, Inc
To: Bassam Saliba
Subject: Accolade Corporation invites to create a Secure Emergency Savings Account

Your employer Accolade offers a free Emergency Savings Plan with an ability to earn a match on your savings! Join Secure to start building an emergency fund, save for your short term goals and be better prepared for the unforeseen.

Secure makes is easy to save. We get you set up with automatic withholding directly from your paycheck – you decide how much and can stop at any time.

Access your money at any time, penalty free. Secure is meant to be there for you when a financial emergency pops up, or to pay for short term goals – but it’s your money, and you can access it in a moments notice.

Secure offers insights, tools, and resources to help you save and be prepared for whatever may come. We’re all in this together!